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We are offering you Online Marketing with ease Business growth online Graphic Banner Designs Website Designs low cost CCTV Installations (security) PABX Installations (Networking)

CTRONS INFOTECH COMMUNIQUÉ has been over the years in the business of II management with vast experience panning from Malaysia, UK and in our shores; Nigeria.


We know these services offered are in line with what your business needs in these times and definitely an added benefit to your business growth and expansivity, to hit higher target for global attention.

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Agora Marketplace is a product of Ctrons infotech Communique (CITC), an exclusive E-commerce store built for Nigerians.


Built, managed and secured online by CITC, a physical shop with the potential to meet your daily needs.



Built, managed and secured online by CITC, an online store that provides/delivers essential oil to a vast population.


A subsidiary of Algaetech International Sdn Bhd., Malaysia, built, mainaged and secured online,

Are you skilled in website designs graphic designs satellite TV stations inverters & batteries sales & marketing PABX (VOIP/SIP) system networking security cameras

CTRONS INFOTECH COMMUNIQUÉ knows what you have been through seeking for appreciative payout for your skill set.

Using this medium to connect you with your destined employer or clients as well as giving you a reason to appreciate your skill and be grateful for what you have fought so had to acquire.

What you have is GOLD and what you should gain will transcend beyond the GOLD you deserve towards making a better Nation and continent at large.

Flashes from the past (banners, flyers and posters)

Bethel Organic Products
AF-Ricardo Synergy
Dami Skincre
Oly Best
Whole Egg powder

    About CITC

    Ctrons InfoTech Communique is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Firm offering professional solutions in Security Systems(CCTV surveillance cameras), PABX setup, Web Technology, Mobile Technology, Networking, Digital Marketing and Media & Consulting.

    Our % Score.

    Web Designer 85%
    Graphic Designer 90%
    PABX Systems 77%
    CCTV Installation 93%
    Solar systems 59%
    Network Engineering 99%
    IT Consultations 67%
    Web Host and Cpanels 92%
    Ecommerce 89%

    what was said.

    I spoke with the Owner, his level of confidence was quite scary, but i can see some added results
    This knows his onus in this field, he just needs more active workers to fulfill every task.
    Noce guy, was able to break down the knowledge of web hosting in a single phone conversation.